Heartbroken mom begs public for help after late son’s ashes are stolen

A heartbroken mom has issued a plea on Facebook after falling vicim to a home burglary that saw her late son’s ashes stolen.

Melissa Carter told Today Parents that she returned home on December 29 to find a window smashed and her home ransacked. The gravity of the situation soon became apparent, however, when she realized something had been stolen that can never be replaced.

As per reports, her son’s ashes, which had been stored in a heart-shaped urn, had been taken.

“My living room was still kind of chaotic from Christmas, but it appeared nothing had been touched,” Carter told Today.

“My computer was still here, my TV was still here, but I noticed that all the bedroom doors were open … I turned to my left and I saw that [my] son’s door is wide open, and I see his bedroom door completely smashed in. I immediately realized someone broke into my home.”

Praying my little Jacob can come back to me. I am so heartbroken that someone broke into my home while I was gone and…

Gepostet von Melissa Hazel Nicole am Sonntag, 29. Dezember 2019

She admitted she became “panicked” when she realized the urn was missing. The item is heart-shaped, and bears the inscription “Jacob Carter, April 13, 2012”.

“I immediately noticed that someone had gone through my dresser,” Cater explained to Today.

“The urn of my son, Jacob, was in there, along with all of my jewelry, and I noticed that the lid was off. All but a couple small necklaces were gone, and so I start looking around, trying to see if maybe someone realized it was an urn and dropped it, and I couldn’t find it anywhere.”

Carter says the ashes are all she has left of her baby boy, who was lost when she was just six months pregnant. She wrote a heartfelt plea on social media praying to have the urn returned.

“I am so heartbroken that someone broke into my home while I was gone and took his urn. That’s all I had of my baby.”

And just like that, he’s in kindergarten 😒

Gepostet von Melissa Hazel Nicole am Samstag, 18. Mai 2019

As per reports, police are now searching for a possible suspect. A forensics team was able to find one full fingerprint at the home, but no other leads have yet presented themselves.

Carter’s mother, meanwhile, is hoping that through the power of social media, the urn can be returned.

“I am a realist and an optimist, but I will never give up hope that someday, Jacob’s urn will find its way back to our family,” Jeanette Guddat Haggerty said.

“We are a strong family, and there are so many wonderful people in this world that have reached out.”

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