Homeless man is kicked out of abandoned house – seconds later he receives life-saving message

During the holiday season, I think everyone should take the time to stay up in everyday life and think about those who are not as lucky.

Today, many people are too busy to think about their fellow human beings and are too stressed to lift a finger to help anyone.

That’s how this story also starts, but then the unexpected happens, and you can’t help but feel that there’s also a lot of love in this world. I hope it provides some inspiration with Christmas coming so soon.

James Eppler has been homeless for over 12 years.

Some time ago, he and a friend found an abandoned house and decided to sleep on the back porch. So they brought their sleeping bags and blankets there and set up camp.

But the two friends got an unhappy surprise when property investor Chris Crever showed up on the porch one day. Chris had recently bought the house and wasn’t particularly pleased to find uninvited guests on his porch.


Chris politely asked them to leave and was amazed at how well James took it.

“He understood, wasn’t bitter about it, and thanked me as I walked away,” Chris Crever told NTD.

The story could have ended here, but instead, it got interesting. Chris had second thoughts and instead of throwing James out, he figured out a way to help him.


“Before I got in my car, I’m thinking, ‘What did he thank me for? I just asked him to leave what he would consider his home,'” Chris told NTD.

Chris decided to offer James a job. He asked him to meet him there the next morning to help him clean up the property.

James didn’t just accept the job, he showed up ready to work 45 minutes before the appointment. When James’ new employer saw how dirty and dirty he was, he decided to let him stay in the house temporarily and use the kitchen and shower.


“It’s humiliating not being able to shower. We always hope for something, you know, a little help, not necessarily money,” James told NTD  

In addition to giving James a safe home, the project gave him a reason to get up every morning and gave him a purpose in life.

“To have this around Christmas time… I was raised with Christmas every year. It was a huge thing. It’s almost like God smiling down,” James told NTD.


But it didn’t stop there. Chris also helped James get a permanent job. One moment of stretching out a hand turned into something that changed the life of a person in need.

Now, Chris hopes that that this story will inspire others to help those in need — especially at Christmas time.

“It makes me feel good, but it’s not about me,” Crever told NTD.

We can all learn some of this amazing story. Please share it with your friends if you also think that more people should be like Chris Crever.

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