Hotel cleaning lady opens drawer in older couple’s room: now look what she found

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All told, the couple brought $11,000 cash with them. The trip went smoothly and it seemed like it was a success. But when they arrived at their new home, the couple realized that something was horribly wrong.

The wife was missing one of her bags.

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The couple didn’t know what to do — or even where to start looking. But it turned out that they had a guardian angel watching over the bag!

Brigid Murray is a housekeeper at Ann Arbor Regent Hotel, where the couple stopped on their trip. Brigid entered the room where they had stayed and found the woman’s bag in the bottom drawer of a dresser.

She could have taken the bag, but it never even crossed her mind. It would’ve been completely wrong. Brigid is an honest woman with her heart in the right place.

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Without Brigid, the couple would’ve had a crisis on their hands. But thankfully, the bag was eventually returned to them. Just wait until you hear the end of this wonderful story!

Image: YouTube

Brigid’s coworkers say that she’s proof that there’s still good in the world. In an interview with ABC, the couple’s son said that his mom cried tears of joy when she heard that Brigid had found the money.

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