Hundreds of teenagers show up outside 88-year-old’s home – when she realizes why, she bursts into tears

You should never underestimate the simple gesture of a friendly wave; it could make a huge difference to a person’s day.

Tinney Davidson knows all about the importance of a smile and a friendly wave.

The 88-year-old sits in her chair every morning by her window and waves to all the high school students who walk by.

It turned out to be a gesture the kids appreciated more than she thought, when one day she received a special surprise to show just how much she is loved by them all.

Tinney Davidson has lived in the same house in Comox, British Columbia, since 2007. Every morning  she waves to the students who walk past her home on their way to school.

“I just liked the look of the children and they all looked in and I thought, ‘If they’re looking in, I’ll wave to them,’ and that’s how it started,” Tinney said during a CBS interview in 2014.

Image source: Youtube/CNN News

The friendy lady continued the waving tradition after her husband died. By then, the high school students were visiting her at home.

In 2016, they surprised her with a school Valentine’s Day assembly in her honor and decorated her house with red and pink paper hearts.

Leaving her home

Tinney stood at her door and gave students hugs as they passed on their cards.

For over 10 years, Tinney has kept up the routine of waving to hundreds of students every morning on their way to Highland Secondary School.

But now that tradition is coming to an end as Tinney will have to move to assisted living and will no longer be near the school.

Image source: Youtube/CNN News

As word got around that their favorite lady was leaving, the students decided to do something extra special for her last morning.

Hundreds of students gathered outside Tinney’s home to let her know just how much her friendly waves, smiles and hugs have meant to them over the years.

One student said, “It’s really brightened all of our days.”

More than 400 students gathered outside her home with bouquets of flowers and handmade signs.

Image source: Youtube/CNN News

“We love you”  one sign read.

“Thanks for being fantastic” said another.

Tinney couldn’t hold back the tears or her beautiful smile for the youngsters who mean so much to her.

Find out more about this fond farewell in the clip below.

A simple “hello” in the morning really did make a huge difference to these teenagers – and Tinney deserved this huge farewell.

This story really shows that age is but a number. The young and the old can come together and help each other.

Sometimes a simple gesture is all that is needed to build bridges between the young and the old. 

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