Husband leaves pregnant wife and disappears without a trace: Then she discovers something inside the oven

Being left by the one you love is terrible and it is – for obvious reasons – many peoples’ worst nightmare.

In my book, you should always strive for a break up that’s as dignified and respectful as possible, no matter why the relationship ends.

Unfortunately, however, there will always be some people who do not understand what respect is and how to treat their partner.

After 3 years together and several miscarriages, Amanda finally became pregnant. In addition, she and her partner had saved money for 2 years to move into their dream home, to form their long-awaited family.

But when Amanda was 36 weeks pregnant, her husband left her. Obviously Amanda was crushed, desperate and confused.

But what she didn’t know was that the nightmare would take a completely different turn – a turn that has touched thousands of hearts all over the world.

It was when a radio station in Sydney heard Amanda’s story that things began to take a turn for the better. The presenters at the station were extremely moved by Amanda’s story – and they decided to do something to help her.

Amanda, however, had no idea that a surprise was waiting for her when she visited the radio station.

Here’s what the radio station wrote:

”When we heard about Amanda’s story we had to give her a Giveback she would never forget. Amanda and her husband were trying for a child for 3 years with many failures.

Finally, she managed to conceive and she is now 36 weeks pregnant with her first child. They purchased their first home and finally moved in around 2 months ago after renovating – everything was looking up for Amanda and her young family.”

However, it all came tragically unstuck about a month ago when her husband left the marital home. What did Amanda discover when we put a camera in her home…”

Here’s what Amanda was gifted by the radio team: 

1) House cleaning service for the next 6 months

2) Groceries delivered to the door for the next 3 months

3) Baby gifts from Baby Village worth AUS $4,000, including stroller, childseat, changing table and baby monitor

4) Giftcard worth AUS $1,000 for a professional baby photoshoot

5) AUS $10,000 from a local academy to help Amanda pay off her mortgage

Isn’t it moving to see Amanda’s reaction and the good will of all those strangers?

Hopefully this is a small band aid that will give her a slightly easier start when her baby comes into the world. I hope that, when she’s ready, Amanda meets a real man who will respect her and be there for her.