Husband says lipstick probably can’t save wife’s style – then she undergoes a magical transformation and makes him eat his words

As we age, we naturally gain more and more responsibilities.

We get a job, move out of the house, maybe get in a relationship and get married. We might have kids and spend most of our time working and parenting. Later in life, we think about retiring, but maybe don’t, and perhaps we have grandchildren and try and keep up with them, too.

It all takes a lot of time and energy.

So who could blame us if we no longer take care of our style the way we did when we were young?

Plus as we grow older, most of us don’t care so much about what others think about our appearance.

Having said that, freshening up your look can do wonders sometimes. As for me, every few years or so, my hairdresser will suggest I make a change. It feels like a big risk, but I sometimes I go for it — and every time, I feel like there’s spice in my life again.

On the American morning TV program The Today Show, two lucky women were recently given the chance to add some spice to their looks, too. And, of course, the results were absolutely magical!

Meet Nicole!

Photo: YouTube

She was first to work with Today Show’s stylists that day. She’s a mom who works hard and happened to be passing the show’s studio with her daughter that day.

Nicole revealed on the show that she’s a wedding planner. In her job, she does everything she can to help people have their dream wedding. But now, it was her turn to be the center of attention!

Nicole’s daughter said that she really deserves some pampering, and I agree.

First, the viewers saw her before pictures and then Nicole stepped out as her new self in the studio.

As you can imagine, her daughter was almost in tears.

It’s really nice to see how happy Nicole’s daughter was for her. And she looked amazing with the help of the show’s style wizards. I for one was inspired.

Photo: YouTube

Next up was special ed teacher and board member of the Tourette Association of America, Sue.

Photo: YouTube

She made a lovely impression, but then she revealed that the day before, her husband told her to put on lipstick and said he wasn’t sure it would help. As you would imagine, the show hosts were shocked. They almost jumped out of their chairs.

But everyone knew, of course, that Sue’s husband would soon eat his words.

Behind the scenes, Sue was getting a brand new style while the show hosts and Sue’s work colleagues were waiting to see their friend’s new look. And the transformation was spectacular. It made Sue’s coworkers stand with their jaws dropped for several seconds. They couldn’t believe it — her new style was truly fabulous!

Watch the clip below to see the stories of these two strong women and their incredible transformations:

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