”I love you, this is crazy”: Mailman’s heartbreaking text to partner just before he died

A “fit and healthy” mailman who texted his partner just minutes before he died of coronavirus is the the third worker for the U.K.’s Royal Mail service to die from the virus amid calls for more protection for workers.

Akie Fenty had spent two weeks suffering with breathing difficulties and a high temperature and was rushed to hospital.

Just minutes before the 45-year-old died he texted his partner saying “I love you, this is f***ing crazy,” according to The Sun newspaper.

His partner Lisa Masson said when Akie was put in the ambulance they said goodbye to each other not knowing just how serious his condition would become.

With kind permission from Akie's family:FENTY (Peterhead)Very suddenly, after a short illness, at Accident &…

Gepostet von Robert Mackie (Funeral Directors) am Dienstag, 7. April 2020

“Then I got a call at midnight saying he passed away at quarter to 12. When the doctor phoned I thought they were just phoning to give me an update. I didn’t believe it,” Lisa said, according to The Sun newspaper.

Akie, who had worked as a mailman for 19 years, was due to marry Lisa in August this year to mark 20 years together with a trip to Florida booked for October with their 15-year-old daughter.

‘Huge hole in our lives’

“I still can’t believe how it could happen to someone like him – he was strong, fit and healthy,” his grieving partner added. “It’s left a huge hole in our lives.”

Lisa is urging people to take this virus seriously adding: “I want people to understand how serious this is. It’s not just a cold or the flu – it’s taking people away from the ones they love. It’s savage.”

 Akie Fenty died from coronavirus at the weekend

Royal Mail has come under fire for not doing enough to protect workers out on deliveries across the U.K.

The company has since stopped signatures required for parcels, have spent £15 million ($18 million) on protective equipment such as gloves and hand sanitizer and introduced social distancing measures to protect employees, according to The Sun.

Sending love and strength to his grieving family. Rest in peace Akie.

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