Identical twins were born in 2010: Now they’re 8 yrs old and named “world’s most beautiful twins.”

Finding out that you’re expecting is usually happy news for expectant parents. In addition, finding out that there are two small children growing in your belly means double happiness.

Identical twins Leah Rose and Ava Marie were born in California on July 7, 2010.

It didn’t take long before mom Jaqi began to notice how beautiful her daughters were.

By the time they were 6 months old they had already been offered their first modelling contract. But the mom of three realized how difficult it would be to juggle 3 children plus modelling jobs, so she declined all the offers that came her way.

When the twins turned 7, on July 7th 2017, Jaqi saw it as a sign (7/7/2017). She uploaded a picture of her girls to Instagram, but had no idea how popular the photo would become.

Jaqi Clements
Facebook/Jaqi Clements

The Clements twins became celebrities overnight, and many modelling agencies came forward offering the girls contracts.

The twin girls, who had always loved the spotlight, were desperate to give modelling a chance after their mom came forward with the idea.

With each passing day, the girls’ Instagram account gathered more and more followers.

Facebook/Jaqi Clements

People across the world have admired the twins’ beauty, and many even call them “the most beautiful twins in the world.”

Almost every agent mom Jaqi has contacted has wanted to meet with the girls. And in the space of just a few months, their Instagram account has increased from 15 000 followers to over 150 000. They currently have 209 000 followers.

Ava, Leah Clements
Facebook/Jaqi Clements

Today the girls have contracts with two different modelling agencies, and even their older brother is signed with an agent.

They have also signed contracts for several children’s clothing labels.

Now the whole family is involved in the girls’ modelling career. Their parents have quit their jobs to travel to different jobs with their daughters.

Of course children should never be forced to work if it makes them unhappy, but as long as they think it’s fun I see no problem with them making the most of their modelling careers.

Leah, Ava Clements
Facebook/Jaqi Clements

Although beauty comes from the inside, I have to agree that Ava and Leah really are beautiful girls. Share if you agree!

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