Inside Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart’s enduring marriage – and the hurdles they kept private

I think we all remember the headlines when Hollywood legend Harrison Ford started dating ‘Ally McBeal’ actress Calista Flockhart.

Most of us didn’t think it would last considering the 22-year age gap but the couple have stayed together and largely out of the limelight.

With an adopted son to raise, a plane crash and a few scandals along the way, not many of us realize the hurdles they have overcome throughout their successful 9-year marriage.

Here we share this sweet couple’s journey.


Harrison Ford was 60 years old when he first met Calista Flockhart, he already had two failed marriages under his belt and a scandal surrounding an affair with Star Wars co-star Carrie Fisher.

Known for his charm and good looks his meeting with the then 38-year-old Flockhart at the 2002 Golden Globes led him to spill wine over her, she claims.

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‘I’m in love’

Despite the social faux pas the two were instantly smitten and started dating.

Despite the rumors and pictures together the two didn’t admit their relationship until a year later, maybe because Ford was still married at the time.

But in an interview with Hello! Magazine he confessed, “I’m in love.”

The couple moved in together the same year and their relationship grew stronger until 2009 when Ford popped the question.

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He proposed on Valentine’s Day 2009, while on vacation with Flockhart and her adopted son Liam, and she said yes.

They married the next year in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in a very casual ceremony where Ford was reported to have worn jeans.

Becoming a parent again

Ford already had four children but didn’t hesitate to welcome Flockhart and her adopted son into his life.

Flockhart had adopted her son Liam a year before she met Ford and he was just a toddler when they moved in with Ford.

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“She’s brought a child back into my home,” the actor told Reader’s Digest. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to be part of a child’s growing up, which is always an endless springtime.”

The couple’s bond was tested when Ford, an amateur pilot, was in a plane crash in 2015 which left him with a broken back, shattered ankle and pelvis and a head wound.

He crashed his World War II-era plane on a California golf course; thankfully his injuries were not life threatening.

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According to People Flockhart “arrived [at the hospital] early every morning and returned home late every night.”

“My wife, who is a wonderful lady, understands my passion for aviation, she understands what it means to me and flies with me to this day,” Ford said after his ordeal.

This year 78-year-old Ford and 54-year-old Flockhart celebrate nine years of marriage and 17 years together.

Despite their strong relationship the focus is often their 22 year age gap.

But, according to Hello Magazine Flockhart says the age gap “doesn’t faze me.”

“Sometimes I even say, ‘Wow, I keep forgetting that he’s 22 years older than me,'” she explains.

They also credit a good sense of humor for keeping them strong throughout the years, something we can all learn from.

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These two are such a wonderful example of how celebrities should conduct their private lives — in private!

They are such a sweet couple and we wish them many more years of happiness together, please SHARE if you agree.