Judge Judy hears case about stolen dog – then allows four-legged friend to decide

For over two decades we have watched the legend that is Judge Judy preside over real-life cases on our television screens.

Judge Judy Sheindlin’s show, which first aired on our screens in 1996, has won three Emmy awards and the retired family court judge has become a household name internationally.

In a case concerning a stolen dog both parties could not come to an amicable solution, so Judge Judy decided to let someone else decide — the dog.

The clip of the case has been watched by 3 million people and when you see it you’ll understand why.


There’s a reason so many people tune in every week to watch this lady in action.


In this clip Judge Judy allowed three parties into her courtroom, the plaintiff, the defendent and a dog called Baby Boy.

The plaintiff filed charges against the defendant, a woman, who he claimed stole his dog, Baby Boy.

Off the street

However, the woman denied the claim, saying she didn’t steal the animal but had bought the dog for $50 off the street.

The woman also told Judge Judy she had a note from her vet saying the dog was not the same age and breed as the man’s stolen dog.


Instead of trying to judge the case based on what the two people in front of them had said, she adopts a different approach.

She decides to allow the dog into the courtroom and let him decide.

Judge Judy asked a woman with the defendant to go outside and bring the dog into the courtroom. The judge then firmly says to the woman “Put the dog down.”

‘This is like my child’

Without hesitation the dog runs to the man and is overjoyed to see him.

“This means everything in the world to me,” the man says tearfully in a post-hearing interview. “This is like my child.”

See the wonderful reunion in the clip below and get your tissues ready.

It’s so obvious that only the dog could decide a case like this but not many would think of allowing it.

I’m so glad this dog finally gets reunited with his true owner, his jubilation is so wonderful to see!

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