Kate Middleton uses secret language to calm her kids in public, expert says

For many parents how to deal with a child misbehaving in public is one of life’s major challenges.

The dilemma is usually whether to address the issue when you get home away from criticizing eyes or deal with it on the spot, however frustrating this may be.

For the royal family the challenges must be overwhelming as we all expect royal kids to behave perfectly in public despite their very young ages.

For Prince William and Kate Middleton’s young kids the public takes for granted that this gorgeous trio will not only turn out impeccably dressed but have the manners and behavior to match.

But for three children aged 6, 4 and 1, this is no mean feat.

Now a child behavior expert has revealed that supermom Kate Middleton uses code words to let her children know when their children’s behavior is not acceptable.

When it’s time for Prince George and Princess Charlotte to calm down she tells them: “Let’s Take a Break,” according to the Express newspaper, citing The Sun.

When the Duchess announces these four simple words her two children, and later one-year-old Louis, knows it’s time to take their behavior down a peg and they are encouraged to engage in some quiet solo activity like reading or doing a puzzle.

“It’s very hard for any parent to have to parent in public,” Dr Rebecca Chicot, founder of Essential Parent and the author of the Calm and Happy Toddler, told The Sun.

According to Dr Chicot, Kate also uses some gentle and warm physical techniques to calm her children.

“She seems to be good at making warm contact ‘touch to the head’ which is a nice connection,” she said.

“She gets down to their level to talk to them but let’s them be children. She has a lovely balance of sensitivity and gentle boundaries. She doesn’t expect them to behave like little adults and knows that children go through perfectly natural stages like tantrums.

“Kate is a sensitive and warm mum,” Dr Chicot added. “This is a called an authoritative style of parenting that is now encouraged. This is compared to an autocratic parenting that was encouraged in some circles in Victorian times (e.g. children should be seen and not heard).”

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their three children are currently in self isolation at their 10-bedroom manor home in Norfolk, England, as all U.K. residents are being asked to self isolate to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

I’m sure they’re enjoying a break from the public eye and a chance to spend some quality time with each other.

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