Kind police officer looks after two-year-old when her dad had to go to court

Each day, thousands of police officers leave their homes and families behind and go to work. They don’t have any idea what they may encounter that day. Perhaps it will be an ordinary “boring” day on the job or it could be a day when their very life is threatened.

But one thing that we must never forget, and most police officers hold sacred, is that a police officer’s job is to serve and protect.

What does this mean? It means that while a police officer’s job may involve arresting people and fighting crime, their main priority is being a member and a protector of their community. This means that the job is not necessarily what you think – it’s not just giving speeding tickets and dealing with criminals. Police officers serve all kinds of functions in the community. Often, they are the first ones to jump in and go beyond the call of duty to help a fellow neighbor, even if they are a complete stranger.

This was the case when Officer Norris of the Orem Police Department stepped in to assist a father in need.

Watch the courthouse surveillance video closely, and you will notice a father waiting for his assigned time in the courtroom. Next to him is his two-year-old daughter. Like most children that age, the man’s daughter is busy, active, and precocious. He has his hands full as he waits to be called.

officer and girl

Unable to put his daughter in child care that morning, the man was hoping to bring his daughter in the courtroom with him. When he is called, he checks if that is possible, but because of various laws concerning children, she is not allowed in with him.

At a loss, he comes back out, and Officer Norris steps up to save the day. A father himself, Norris volunteers to look after the little girl for her father while waiting on his own case to be called. There is no judgment and no hesitation – he is simply there to help where he can.

officer and girl

While this gesture is heartwarming in itself, watching the officer interact with the little girl is absolutely adorable. He holds her hand as they walk across the lobby for snacks from the guards and eventually, she falls asleep while watching a video on his phone. His kindness, compassion, and skill with children are absolutely admirable.

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“Last week, Officer Norris was waiting to testify in a hearing when he saw a very rambunctious two year old waiting with her father. The father had a court case scheduled and was unable to leave the little girl at home. When it was time for his case to be heard he tried to take his daughter into court with him. However, kids are not allowed in the court room for various reasons and the girl’s father didn’t know what to do. That was until Officer Norris offered to babysit for the man. You’ll see from the court surveillance video that the little girl took to Officer Norris as he walked her around, getting drinks of water and treats from the Deputies at the front door. He pulled up some cartoons on his cell phone and the little girl climbed up onto his lap and she must’ve been worn out from all running around she had done because she quickly fell asleep on Officer Norris’ lap. You can tell that Officer Norris is a father first and police officer second!”

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