Lady pulls up to McDonald’s drive-thru – when worker hears children screaming, he acts immediately

22-year-old Pedro Viloriaja was working his usual shift at McDonalds in Florida, when an unexpected turn of events came to pass.

A female customer drove up to the drive-through window to pick up her order, and, like normal, Pedro had packed her food into a bag.

Yet when he reached out with her food, the woman didn’t accept it; instead driving straight past the window. Stranger still, Pedro could hear children screaming in the back seat of the car.

Thinking on his feet, he made a decision that might have saved lives.

It seemed like an ordinary day in Doral, Florida. 22-year-old Pedro Viloriaja was working in the drive-through of a McDonalds, passing out food to the customers. Yet, in the process of serving a woman and  her two children, something happened to arouse his alarm.

The woman in question didn’t stop at the window, instead choosing to drive right past Pedro as he leaned out. Upon doing so, Pedro realised that something was wrong; he could hear children screaming in the back seat of the car.

Youtube/Inside Edition

– Her child shouted: “Mom, mom stop. Mom, what are you doing?”, he told Inside Edition.

Pedro, realising that the woman was in serious trouble, acted immediately.

– “I thought: ‘Something is wrong with that woman now, and I have to do something to help her.'”

Thinking fast, Pedro jumped out of the drive-through window and chased after the car. The guests in the restaurant could see what was happening through the window, and one of them decided to help him, too.

Youtube/Inside Edition

Together, Pedro and the man managed to stop the woman’s car. The woman herself, who later transpired to be a police offer, was taken straight to hospital.

Pedro is now being praised for his efforts, which may well have saved the lives of the woman and her children. He said that he had to act, for the sake of the kids:

“I thought to myself, ‘what if these kids lose their mom today, it will be so tragic’. I would have tried to save that woman, even if I had to risk my own life.”

It’s unclear, as yet, what the woman was suffering from. According to Inside Edition, however, she later made a full recovery in hospital.

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