Lieutenant told to return home immediately; what greets him on his return has him floored

The arrival of a baby is always an exciting and anxious time, especially for first time parents as they don’t know what to expect.

When Jake and Chelsea Osborne found out they were expecting their bundle of joy, they were so excited. But as a military wife Chelsea Osborne knew that her husband may not be there to share the experience.

This time was no exception as one month after the couple learned they were expecting their first child, Jake was deployed. Sadly, he was expected to be gone for months.

As their baby’s arrival date got closer Jake knew he wouldn’t be able to get back to share the life changing event with his wife. Chelsea started to plan a labor without her husband by her side and took comfort knowing that she would at least have Jake’s sister and her family with her for support.

When the big day arrived, Lieutenant Jake’s commander approached him and told him to pack his bags and get ready to return home. Jake was left stunned by the order.

“Within two days they had me on a flight,” said Jake. While traveling back to his family Jake received a call from Chelsea that turned his world upside down.

He couldn’t get home fast enough and when he opened the door to his wife’s hospital room he just couldn’t hold back the tears.

Chelsea placed baby Paisley into Jake’s arms and the whole room was in tears. To see this family reunited on such an important day after months spent apart is such a  beautiful moment.

See the moment when Jake lays eyes on his baby daughter for the first time and his wife is reunited with her husband after months apart in the video below.

What a wonderful moment and one that makes us realize just how much we should cherish the family that we have close by. Not all families have this luxury.

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