Linda, 69, needed something new – her amazing transformation makes her look 20 years younger

We all know how it feels to want something new, it may be clothes, a job or even new surroundings.

But, for 69-year-old Linda from Panama, it was about her hair. She felt it was high time for a fresher style to greet the new season.

So she decided to make the long journey from the Republic of Panama to Minneapolis and see “The Makeover Guy,” or Christopher Hopkins, to get the ultimate hair makeover.

She explains that it’s time for a new start, and on the famous hairstylist’s own YouTube page she says she needs a change after going through some “hard times.”

Photo: YouTube

Christopher first looks at Linda’s hair.

Photo: YouTube

The star stylist tells Linda that he wants to bring out the natural curl in her hair and will add some blonde to lift the style even further!

Linda explains that she has not been blonde since her 20s!  It’s hard to believe this lady is almost 69 years old when I saw the transformation.

Photo: YouTube

May people commented on Linda’s amazing transformation saying she looked like a movie star. And I would have to agree, she does look completely different!

Linda tells the camera she is smiling after seeing her transformation, something she later admits she hasn’t done in years.

Watch this amazing transformation for yourself in the video below and share if you also think Christopher is a makeover magician!