Little boy holds his baby sister for the first time and bursts into song

We’re experiencing a moment in time when we’re all in need of a few minutes of joyous escapism and to be reminded that the world is still a wonderful place.

There is nothing better than focusing on the actions of a child who looks at everything with innocent eyes to help lift your spirits.

This video of a boy singing “What a Wonderful World” to his newborn baby sister went viral when it was posted online a few months ago.

The video, posted on Reddit, is called “Little boy holds his baby sister for the first time.”


It’s possibly one of the cutest videos I’ve ever seen, if not for the little boy’s voice singing the song word for word but the reaction from his baby sister.

The love between them is so evident from this short clip, they are so adorable.

“What a Wonderful World,” the classic written by Bob Thiele and George David Weiss and recorded by Louis Armstrong in 1967 is perhaps the perfect song choice for this first hold between a big brother and his baby sister.


“That newborn is SMILING. You can’t convince me otherwise,” one comment read, while another added: “He is going to protect that little sister with all he has.”

Even though this sweet newborn is too young to process such a moment it appears as though the bond between them is official; she is in awe of her big brother and he wants to do all he can to make her happy.

May this beautiful relationship continue.

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