Little girl interrupts the dancer in the square – watch the moves that have lit up the net

Dance is among one of the best forms of exercise as it’s not only good for you but makes your happy. It can feel like therapy for so many people.

For those of us who love to dance but aren’t professionals watching a talented dancer move can be so thrilling.

Award-winning dancer Emma O’Sullivan from Ireland often takes to the streets to show off her dance moves and inspire others to dance.

But on this occasion she attracted probably the youngest dance partner she’s ever had.

When famous dancer Emma O’Sullivan visited a square in Ireland, a crowd soon gathered around her to watch her beautiful moves.

She makes irish dancing look so effortless when we all know it takes years to master.

But three year old Georgia decided that Emma’s moves were no match for her foot skills and started to join in.

Delights the crowd

Georgia couldn’t wait to break free from her parents and join Emma on the “dance floor”.

This little girl immediately starts to copy the professional dancer with so much boldness that the crowd laughs with delight.

Thank goodness this beautiful and very entertaining display was caught on camera.

See for yourself in the clip below.

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