Little girls fears the dark so dad gets prescription, now other parents are asking for it too

It’s a common childhood fear, and one that most of us can remember, being scared of the dark.

I can remember seeing shapes in my room at night and thinking they were monsters, I wrapped myself so tightly in my bed covers thinking they would save me and got so scared I couldn’t sleep.

One dad decided to do something to help his little girl get a good night’s sleep and his solution is one many parents now want to copy.

Prescription Strength Monster Spray

When his daughter Mya was so afraid of monsters that she couldn’t get to sleep at night, this clever dad from British Columbia, Canada, got a prescription from the pharmacy to rid the room of these scary creatures for good.

Mya’s dad picked up a spray bottle and asked the (understandably) confused pharmacists if they would kindly help print out a prescription label made out for Mya creating her very own bottle of monster spray!

The bottle of magical monster spray is heavy duty stuff and good for dealing with at least 120 monsters. Or at least make them drowsy enough so they don’t bother her.

Thankfully this little girl can turn the tables on these annoying monsters who now fear the “terrible two” year old with a prescription strength elimination spray.

Watch the smiles from the girl in the video below. She is one happy customer!

What a great idea this dad came up with and now this happy toddler feels like she’s dealing with these menacing monsters all by herself.

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