Lost dog hasn’t seen owner for 7 months – then camera captures tear-jerking moment she recognizes him again

If you’ve ever had a dog, you know — they’re part of the family.

So if anything ever happened to your four-legged family member, you’d most likely be gutted.

And if your dog suddenly went missing, you’d do anything to get them back.

Now imagine being reunited with your missing dog after thinking you’d lost them forever. The moment would be like no other!

When a dog owner from Frisco, Texas was celebrating Independence Day, the unthinkable happened: His beloved dog went missing.

Most dogs don’t like sudden loud noises and the Fourth of July can’t be a canine favorite. So when Dora the German shepherd heard some explosions during the festivities, she panicked, hopped her fence and started wandering the neighborhood.

By the time her owner realized she was gone, it was too late. He searched the neighborhood as best he could, but unfortunately came up empty-handed.

Dora was microchipped, so her owner held out hope that she’d be found and he’d be reunited to her. But as the days turned to weeks and the weeks turned to months, he started to lose hope of ever seeing her again.

Then one day seven months later, he got a call from a local animal shelter. Dora had been picked up!

The shelter staff thought she was a stray, but thanks to Dora’s microchip, they discovered that she had an owner after all and called him.

A heartwarming reunion

When Dora’s owner went to pick her up, the shelter had cameras in place to catch the tear-jerking reunion.

The moment that Dora recognizes her owner after seven long months apart from him is a heartwarming sight, to say the least!

Watch it here:

There’s nothing stronger than the bond between a dog and their owner — no matter how long they’ve been apart! Do you know an animal lover who would love to see this wonderful reunion? Share it with them!