Lunch lady goes in for ‘emergency shift’ only to learn a stranger has been watching

Cheryl Stewart works in the cafeteria at Teton High School in Idaho.

She loves her job, but during the last couple of years Cheryl has been struggling. Put simply, her and her husband have been battling a bout of tough luck.

Cheryl’s husband is currently fighting against prostate cancer and lupus. Cheryl herself is a cancer survivor, but is now supporting her husband as he tries to win his own war.

Because he can’t work, Cheryl has taken on their financial responsibilities. She does various jobs around town, including cleaning. In addition to her job in the high school cafeteria, Stewart also bakes rolls for all the funerals in Teton Valley.

Basically, she works from sun up to sun down and every minute in-between. When she’s not working or taking care of her husband, that is.

Called her into work for an “emergency” shift

To make the situation even more problematic, the engine in her car broke down. With no money to afford a repair, Cheryl has to borrow her parent’s vehicle to get to her various jobs.

On Dec. 21, Cheryl is having surgery on her foot. She’s forced to go under the knife during the school winter break, as she can’t afford to miss any work.

But in this tear-jerking clip, Cheryl thinks her boss has called her into work for an “emergency” shift.

Upon her arrival, however, she’s approached by a man with a microphone. After that, Cheryl was shaking as she walked down the hallway of the school…

What a heartwarming gift! What a heartwarming video.

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