Lydia, 80, can’t afford hairdresser after working as seamstress for 46 years – until an ‘Angel’ intervenes

I think we can all agree: If you have worked for many years, you should get a generous pension. If not generous, as a society, we must ensure that the elderly are treated to a minimum level of comfort and care — such as a visit to the hairdresser’s.

But for 80-year-old Lydia, this isn’t the case. The pensioner had not been able to get a haircut in five years for one, unacceptable reason: she couldn’t afford it, despite nearly 50 years of work.

But Lydia from Rhein-Main, Germany soon discovered a wonderful solution…. the Barber Angels.

The group consists of 21 hairdressers at the Offenbach Diakonie-Teestube salon ensure that no pensioner goes without a great haircut, whenever needed — for completely free.

Posted by Barber Angels Brotherhood e.V. on Tuesday, 24 July 2018

In an interview with Bild the retiree says: “I have a small pension. Of that I already pay 600 euros rent. There is not much left. ”

Changing times

Lydia grew up in Frankfurt during the war and worked as a seamstress.

“My first hourly wage was 85 cents. What’s left of my pension? I had to save for a long time for my last visit to the hairdresser’s.”

46 years later, she says she often reflects on how much mentality has changed and how much is wasted in our modern day.

“When I see people throwing away food, it hurts. They just don’t know what it means to be hungry. It’s terrible!” she told Bild.

While we may not always agree with our country’s policies, everyone can do something for our elders to be able to age in dignity and afford a bit of luxury now and then.

The “Barber Angels” are heroes! Please share this post in order to pay tribute to this amazing group and to alert others about the unacceptable level of poverty many pensioners live with. No old person should ever live in poverty!