Man and his date blast young mother for bringing baby to restaurant

In an unfortunate incident, this new mother faced an awful encounter at a neighborhood gastropub when her three-month-old baby became fussy.

After she wrote about the incident online, it managed to sparked a pretty intense online discussion about the expectations for new parents while dining out.

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The new mother, sharing her experience on Reddit, asked whether she was wrong to bring her baby to a gastropub that often accommodated families with children.

She explained on her since-removed post in the ‘Am I The A*****e’ forum that the gastropub had a casual atmosphere, unlike high-end restaurants that very obviously do not cater to children.

As expected, the baby became fussy at one point in the evening, prompting the mom to make a move towards the exit with a pacifier and a blanket to soothe the baby. Unfortunately, before she could leave, the baby started to scream, attracting unwanted attention.

A man at a nearby table decided to voice his frustration, yelling at the woman: “No one wants to hear your baby. You’re not special.” Despite the mom already heading towards the exit, the man continued making comments. Although she was upset, the mother explained that she didn’t want to engage in a confrontation (as it wasn’t the time and place) so she ignored him and continued walking out.

But he apparently wasn’t done yet – in fact, when the woman walked back into the restaurant with a calm and content baby, the man and his date gave her disapproving looks until they eventually left.

The mom admitted she felt the man’s reaction was extreme, but still questions whether she had been in the wrong bringing her baby to the restaurant in the first place.

Fellow moms rushed to the comments section, saying that the woman was definitely not at fault.

One person wrote: “I have no problem with babies or kids out at restaurants provided their parents continue to parent. [The mom] went above and beyond by removing the baby until they had calmed down, this guy was just being a jerk.”

Someone else agreed, adding: “Some people think that babies and kids dont belong anywhere regardless of how well behaved they are. But if you never take your baby/child anywhere, they’ll never learn how to behave in those places and situations. You did exactly what a responsible parent should do in this situation.”

A further comment read: “I agree with this. You took your baby out, settled the little one down and then returned. Proper parenting from my perspective.”

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