Man brutally beaten after being found in young children’s bedroom by their father

We all know that we would do anything to protect our children but most of us don’t know how we’d react when faced with the situation of having to shield our little ones from a potentially dangerous situation.

One dad took matters into his own hands when he discovered a 61-year-old man in the bedroom of his and 2 and 3-year-old children who were half naked.

On discovering the man and questioning his motives the dad was allegedly pushed out the room and the door was locked, according to Spotsylvania County sheriff’s office.

The dad then forced his way back into the room and attacked the man.

Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office

Authorities in Virginia say Mark Stanley of Burlington, North Carolina, who was visiting family in the area when he was attacked, was left with severe facial injuries.

When the dad woke early one morning to check on his young children he found Stanley in their room and his children undressed from the waist down.

The father of the children was not charged in the beating, according to NBC Washington.

Children checked for injuries

Stanley was taken to a local hospital for his injuries and was later sent to Rappahannock Regional Jail with no bond.

The children were taken to hospital to be checked for injuries.

Stanley is facing two counts of taking indecent liberties with a child and one count of domestic assault. Additional charges may be brought, the sheriff’s office said according to NBC Washington.

Our love for our kids knows no bounds and the lengths we will go to if we believe they’re in danger is immeasurable. I hope these children are okay and away from any potential threats.

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