Man beats 5 year old: Because he opened a Christmas present without permission

Christmas is nearly here and many families are stressed. Presents need to be bought, food prepared, and Santa needs to be prepped.

But sadly, Christmas, which is meant to be a joyous time, also causes a whole lot of arguments and fights in some homes.

Mom Bridgette Payne in Oklahoma went out to buy some presents on December 16th this year and left her 5 year old with her boyfriend Wesley McCollom.


Bridgette Payne
Facebook/Brad Mulcahy

When she came home, she was confused to find that  the little boy was in bed. He never normaly goes to bed early.

Wesley explained that he’d sent the boy to bed early after he had opened some presents under the tree without permission.

When the mom went to check on him, she found he was covered in bruises. She also saw a blue and yellow handprint on the child’s cheek, reports The Miami Herald.

“Words cannot explain seeing your baby like this and having no clue what happened,” Bridgette wrote on her Facebook page.

“Wesley hurt me bad, mamma,” was all the little boy said when Bridgette asked him what happened.

Facebook/Brad Mulcahy

Bridgette was heartbroken when she saw her son and couldn’t stop crying. Then she called the police.

The police came to Bridgette’s house just after 10 pm and arrested Wesley for child abuse and neglect, reports news channel KJRH.

Bridgette says Wesley tried to explain his actions by saying he “wanted to teach the boy a lesson” and that he needed to “learn to listen.”

Bridgette had never seen violent tendencies in Wesley during the 10 months they had been together.

Facebook/Brad Mulcahy

She had previously been in an abusive relationship with her child’s father, and had promised to never again be in that situation after nearly being killed while her son watched.

“There is an evil inside of some people no one sees and that’s how this happened,” Bridgette wrote on Facebook. “If I could change places with my son in a heartbeat I would.”

Her Facebook post quickly spread across the internet. Within just a few days the post had been shared 8000 times.

Facebook/Brad Mulcahy

Everytime I hear about a child being abused I feel sick to my stomach.

It doesn’t matter what they do, a child should never be subjected to any form of violence. Share if you agree!

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