Man flies drone over ocean – captures footage of incredibly rare event

It’s sometimes said that our oceans are truly the final frontier for us here on earth. Great swathes of the world’s seas have never been explored by man, whilst the murky deep of the open ocean holds secrets many of us don’t ever want to find out.

That said, there’s an obvious allure to the mysterious beauty of our seas, not to mention the fact they’re home to a good portion of all life on earth. Which is why, for those hardy enough, exploring more of it is a tantalising prospect.

Captain Dave Anderson is one such intrepid soul. He took his boat out one day with the intent of using a drone to capture some footage. When he flew it high into the air, he was able to obtain footage that’s since gone viral online  …

YouTube / Capt Dave’s Dana Point Whale Watching

The roaring waves and choppy waters near Dana Point, California appear to the naked eye to be just another patch of uniform sea. On this particular day, however, when Captain Dave Anderson took to the ocean, there was something lurking beneath the surface.

It turned out the sea was alive. Well, alright, not alive like me and you alive, but it was hiding things that were … and a good many of them.

If you’ve ever seen land animals migrating – either in real life or on camera – you’ll be well versed in what a breathtaking spectacle it is. Trust me when I say sea migration is no different.

YouTube / Capt Dave’s Dana Point Whale Watching

Dave’s drone – equipped with a GoPro camera – was able to capture a mega-pod of dolphins during their migration, and there are literally hundreds of them.

What’s more, Dave also recorded some awesome footage of a humpback whale as she snuggled and played with her young calf! Another whale can be seen close by keeping a watchful eye on the pair, but none of them seem particularly camera shy!

Watch the incredible drone footage in the video below:

The world around us has always been – and hopefully always will be – the ultimate source of our inspiration. Many are natural wonders that we can scarce explain, and the captivating rhythm of life plays the tune to which all animals and creatures dance.

Sadly, it might not always be that way. Climate change is just one of the ways that we as a species are accelerating the decay of our world, but perhaps it is the one that must needs be addressed in the most abrupt manner. Only by raising awareness can we hope to maintain the beauty of Earth.

We do not own this planet – we have no right to continue with no after thought for the world around us. Rather, we have a responsibility to nurture and take care of the Earth so that it remains exactly how it was when we found it for future generations.

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