Tragedy: 9-year-old girl killed by three dogs

A 9-year-old girl has died after she was attacked by three dogs as she rode her bike in her neighborhood in Detroit.

Despite efforts from neighbors, her own father and a medical team the girl died.

Emma Hernandez was riding her bike when three dogs, described as pit bulls or pit bull mixes attacked her, police said, according to KTLA 5 News.


Despite the best efforts of neighbors, who heard the girl’s screams and attacked the dogs with bricks, she died later in hospital.

Her heartbroken father Armando Hernandez said his precious daughter was “gone when I reached her.

“I tried my best. I tried CPR. I tried helping her. I did everything I could in my power,” he told WWJ-AM.

Shot one of the dogs

A bystander shot one of the dogs while medics tried to get to the girl in the alley and two others were captured.

“They were not stopping,” Edward Cruz, who hurled a brick after hearing screams, told The Detroit News. “I had to step in.”

Armando said every time he closed his eyes, ”I see my baby girl”.

“I’m really heartbroken right now. I can’t explain it,” he added.


Detroit police Chief James Craig said: “The owner of these dogs should be held accountable.

“Certainly the owner has a responsibility when they have violent animals that those animals are to be secured at all times. If you can’t secure the animal, you shouldn’t have the animal. Period.”

City officials said the dogs will likely be euthanized.

The dog’s owner is currently in custody.

A GoFundMe to help Emma’s family pay for funeral costs has raised almost $50,000.


Such a tragedy that could have been avoided if this man had taken responsibility for his animals and kept them secure.

I cannot imagine the heartbreak that this family is going through. Rest in peace Emma.

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