Man starts singing “The Prayer” – 90 seconds in his voice changes and it goes viral

There are certain songs out there that are supremely difficult to cover, even when you have both a male and female vocalist.

The Prayer” is one of these songs, and yet Marcelito Pomoy is able to do both sides justice … all by himself.

Capable of singing both soprano and tenor pieces, it’s no small wonder why his effort at covering “The Prayer” has gone viral

Marcelito and his sister were adopted by a loving police officer when they were young, one who ensured they would have every head-start he could give them in life. Even he, however, didn’t fully realize the talent Marcelito had hiding inside of him.

Indeed, Marcelito himself wouldn’t discover his ability to sing both low and high pitches perfectly until he was much older.

YouTube / iorgossqq

It was after beginning to suspect that he had something special locked away that Marcelito applied – and got in – on Pilipinas Got Talent.

Winning over the hearts of millions, Marcelito eventually won the second season of the show!

YouTube / iorgossqq

Before long his musical career had taken off and he enjoyed major success with two albums. These days, he’s a world-famous artist who boasts a vocal range most singers can only envy!

Listen to his rendition of “The Prayer” in the video below. You won’t regret it!

He’s certainly got an incredible talent!

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