Man with Alzheimer’s waits for garbage man every week – reason leaves daughter sobbing

For mom of two Julie Bick, time spent with her beloved parents was time cherished.

She grew up close to her mom and dad and that strong bond continued into adulthood.

Tragically Julie’s mom passed away unexpectedly and she was left heartbroken. But it triggered in her an even greater desire to spend as much time as possible with her father.

But tragedy hit Julie again when just a year after she had lost her mom, her dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Her life changed at that moment as she decided to move in with her dad and be his carer.

It was during that time that a complete stranger showed Julie a simple act of kindness that ended up meaning the world to her.


Julie Bick

Julie Bick is a mom to two children Carlee and Brantlee, aged 10 and 8. When her dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, the most common cause of dementia, she didn’t hesitate to move in with him and be his carer.

“It was something I truly was not prepared for,” Julie told Love What Matters. “I told myself no matter what happens, I will always be there for my father. I never was able to spend much time with my mother as her passing was sudden.”

Julie Bick

Julie and her children became his caretakers.

“My father was so happy about this,” Julie said. “He is such a fun loving guy that makes friends with anyone he comes in contact with.”

Julie Bick

Julie worked hard to keep everything together as she was a mother, caretaker and breadwinner. As well as trying to retain something for herself.

It was a tough balance and sometimes Julie felt overwhelmed.

But having the bond they had, Julie’s dad couldn’t help but notice that something was wrong.

Julie Bick

On discovering that those with Alzheimer’s prefer to be on a strict schedule, Julie helped her dad stick to a routine.

Every Monday her dad would visit the garbage man Harold, who was a very friendly man who went above and beyond to serve his community.

‘Harold is my friend’

“If we miss Harold when he comes, he will always go the extra mile to walk our cans back to our garage,” Julie said. “I’ve heard other neighbors say that Harold will even knock on your door if the pickup day is around a holiday and you have forgotten to take your garbage out.”

One Monday, Julie’s dad asked if she could help him carry a chair outside so he could sit with Harold. Thinking nothing of it, she helped him.

“As we were walking to the end of the driveway, my father stops me and says, ‘Harold is my friend. He is religious and I would like a moment with Harold so we can pray for you.’ I gave him his space and walked back to the porch with my eyes loading up with tears.”

Julie Bick

“I remember thinking to myself as I was walking back to the porch that no matter what disease my father has, it will never take away his love for me.

“I’m trying everything in my power to stop the tears and gain my composure. Then I look back and see Harold on his knees next to my father sitting in the chair, and there was no stopping the crying at this point.

‘There is so much good in this world, and it starts with simple acts of kindness. Harold, thank you for your kindness and prayers. I will never forget this moment.”

What a wonderful man Harold is to take time out of his busy day to go above and beyond. The difference he has made to this family is huge. Thank you Harold!

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