This might be the funnest, cleverest gender reveal party ever!

For expectant parents, telling their loved ones they’re pregnant, is a special moment. Some couples tell their family and friends right away, while others wait for just the right moment. But after all the grandparents, aunts and uncles-to-be catch their breath, most of them have one burning question: is it a boy or a girl?

Revealing a baby’s gender is always exciting, but it’s even more thrilling when an expectant couple turns it into a game. We’ve seen a lot of one-of-a-kind ways for parents to share their baby-to-be’s gender, but we’ve never seen anything like this.

If look online, you can find all sorts of ways that couples tell their families and friends whether they’re having a boy or girl. So how did this mom and dad-to-be come up with such an incredible way of revealing their little one’s gender? The baby’s mom explains:

“My sister wanted me to make her a gender reveal party, so I went through countless ideas. A lot of them people had already done, and I wanted something I’ve never seen before. Her husband is a hunter, so I came up with a balloon deer-hunting game. The rules are simple… Just pop the balloons with the blow-gun rifles( I made for them to shoot the balloons with) until you find the one with the baby’s gender color in it… But, I made a twist—if you watch the video you shall see!”

Check out this fabulous gender reveal here and find out whether this couple is having a girl or a boy!

Wasn’t that a clever and fun way of hosting a gender reveal party?

What’s the most creative way you’ve heard of for revealing a baby’s gender? Let us know in the comments on Facebook!

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