Man surfs internet – freezes up when he sees himself on a list of missing persons

Have you ever felt a sense of rootlessness? Like you don’t belong where you are, or like nothing really matters in your life?This feeling usually quickly passes over. But for those who can’t get rid of the feeling, there is sometimes a serious reason behind it.

And so it was for American Steve Carter. One evening while he was surfing the internet, he found a picture of himself in a context that made him absolutely freeze up.


Steve Carter grew up with a mom and dad on the east coast of the United States in New Jersey. Growing up, Steve felt there was something missing in his life, but he couldn’t pinpoint what it was.

Steve had almost no memories from when he was a small boy. He knew he was adopted when he was 4 years old, because his foster parents had told him. And he thought that the reason he felt lost was because he was adopted. But as he grew up, Steve noticed a few things that made him question his background. For example, he didn’t have a birth certificate.

Scary discovery on the internet

When Steve was 35 years old, the questions about his past gnawed at him more than ever. He learned about a woman who, in adulthood, discovered that her adoption wasn’t legal, so he immediately went on the internet. He went to, and that’s when he saw a picture that made his stomach tie up in knots.

Missing people
Photo: Missing Kids via CBS News

In the picture, a baby who looks like Steve is on the Missing Kids page. But the picture on the right sent shivers all over Steve’s body. He knew that it was him in the picture.

It turned out that Steve was on the list of missing children. Steve had been kidnapped as baby. And his biological father and sister had never given up the hope of finding him one day.

Watch this video to see Steve himself tell his story to CNN:

This gave me goosebumps. Every day, babies are kidnapped around the world, and when they are all grown up, they can’t remember anymore.

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