Model who called Putin “psychopath” found dead in suitcase after going missing – rest in peace

A Russian model who previously labeled Vladimir Putin a “psychopath” has been found dead with her body stuffed inside a suitcase.

According to Fox, 23-year-old Gretta Vedler went missing a year ago after posting a rant on social media that openly criticized Putin, though reports say the two things don’t appear to be connected.

The Daily Star claim that Vedler’s ex-boyfriend, Dmitry Korovin, 23, has confessed to strangling her.

Moreover, Korovin is reported to have told authorities that he shared a hotel room for three nights with his ex-partner’s dead body, which was stuffed into a new suitcase he had bought.

All told, Vedler’s body was left in the suitcase for a year.

During that time, Korovin continued to post to the woman’s social media channels to give the impression that she was still alive and well.

Vedler is believed to have been killed just one month after calling Russian president Vladimir Putin a “psychopath”, while predicting that his campaign to “improve Russia’s integrity” would end in tragedy.

Korovin later confessed that he had strangled Vedler in Moscow after the couple had an argument over money.

Such a sad and needless loss of life. Rest in peace, Gretta!

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