Mom and daughter shunned by family for sharing same rare bone disease

When Dorothy Hohl found out she was pregnant, doctors told her she had a fifty-fifty chance of her baby being born with the same condition she has – osteogenesis imperfecta, or brittle bone disease.

Despite the baby’s father and Dorothy’s family not supporting her having her baby, she still went ahead, knowing that she would be raising her child alone.

Fast forward 19 years and Dorothy and her daughter Savannah are inseparable. Savannah says she feels “privileged” to have been born as she heads off to college.

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Just one week before Savannah was born Dorothy was told her daughter did have the same condition as her.

“I cried for ten minutes and then I got over it…it was like it’s okay, it’s going to be ok,” Dorothy said.

Many fractures

Dorothy and her daughter Savannah, who live in Rhode Island, were born with a condition that means their bodies don’t produce enough collagen and their bones are prone to breaks and fractures.

They are both 4ft 2 inches tall and have suffered many fractures during their lives.

Despite the odds stacked against Dorothy and her baby, Savannah has grown into a confident, smart and independent young woman who carries herself through life with such grace.

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Seeing her mom’s attitude toward life, it’s clear to see where Savannah got her positive attitude from.

“I feel privileged from being born like this,” said Savannah.

The independence that was instilled in Dorothy growing up, has been passed onto her daughter and Savannah recently moved away from home to attend college.

‘Heart-wrenching situation’

Dorothy is beyond proud of her daughter, but after spending every day with Savannah for the last 19 years, the thought of her daughter leaving home was hard.

“It was very difficult for me, it was a very heart wrenching situation,” she said.

Looking ahead at after college Savannah says she would like to have children and is considering adoption.

Find out more about the special bond this mother and daughter share in the clip below.

I’m sure that whatever Savannah puts her mind to she will achieve, thanks to the strength of her mom and the way she has been raised.

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