Mom arrested for throwing 10-month-old baby against fence for not being able to stand

A mother in Florida has been arrested for throwing her 10-month-old baby into a wooden fence for not being able to stand up, according to reports.

As per Pinellas Park Police Department, 25-year-old Natalie Sesler of New Port Richey, Florida, committed the act of abuse when she became annoyed that her child couldn’t stand.

Sesler now faces multiple charges, including child abuse, child neglect, assault, resisting an officer, and violation of probation.

According to sources, police arrived at Sesler’s home to find the child in question wearing a shirt, but no diaper or pants. Officers spoke to two juveniles in the area who witnessed the incident.

Authorities say Sesler is also accused of trying to throw the metal head of a rake at her baby. Fortunately, it missed, but the mom then picked her baby up by one leg and tossed him onto a law chair, ABC 15 say.

Police say Sesler’s baby appeared malnourished and had bruising and swelling close to one of his eyes, whilst Sesler herself is suspected to have been under the influence of drugs when they arrived.

The baby was taken to hospital for observation, while Sesler is now in custody in the Pinellas County Jail.

With so many children facing abuse through no fault of their own, it’s past time we stood up as a collective and rooted this blight out once and for all.

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