Mom can’t believe the state of her 5-year-old daughter after her first day at school

As school children across the nation returned from their summer vacation to their new school year, social media was inundated with images of back to school photos.

But one mom decided to not only share a first day of school picture in the morning, but also one of her daughter at the end of her first day at school.

The image went viral and when you see it you’ll understand why.


Lucie, from Scotland, is a five-year-old who “likes to be clean,” according to her mom Jill.

When she left for her first day of second year primary school, she looked immaculate, he mom said, according to BBC Scotland.

But it was the image captured of her at the end of her first day that had people sharing.

Out of all the Back To School pictures we received here at Barrhead News HQ, this has got to be our favourite….

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Lucie returned home from school that day with disheveled hair and her clothes in a state.

Her mom asked her what she’d been doing all day to get into such a mess and her response was “nothing much.”

“She absolutely loves school and this was her first day in P2 so she absolutely loved having her new things on,” Jill added, according to BBC Scotland.

‘A really fun day’

But by the end of the day her “new things” didn’t quite look so new.

“The wonders of primary two,” Jill said. “The teachers are really good, they do a lot of active learning and things with them – so I take it was down to that.

“She’d obviously had a really fun day,” she added.

Her photos have been liked more than 20,000 times with many praising the fun her daughter had clearly had at school.

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Lucie is a great example of how much fun a 5-year-old should be having at school. It’s obvious from her appearance that she wasn’t sitting at a desk all day.

I hope this little girl continues to have this much fun at school and well done those teachers that work so hard at making school fun for our little ones.

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