Mom is criticized for her appearance when she collects children from school – her response silences them all

Everyone should be able to express their own style and dress how they want to, but when someone steps away from the expected “norm” others can be quick to judge.

Mother of three Bella Vrondos, 33, is a busy mom who also works as a model and boutique owner. She often finds herself rushing from shoots, dressed for the occasion, to picking her kids up from school.

When Bella proudly posted a picture of herself with her three kids outside their school, she didn’t expect to get the response she did.

Mom of three and model Bella is used to getting criticism, especially from other moms, for the way she dresses and for getting breast augmentation, which she says she felt she needed after having three kids.

Powerful response

Bella, from Sydney, Australia, posted a picture of herself with her three kids proudly declaring how smart her children were. But instead of liking the post and sharing in her pride the post was littered with cruel remarks about what she was wearing, saying it wasn’t appropriate attire for a mom of three.

“Being a mum doesn’t mean you have to give up your whole self being, I am trying to create awareness about that.” Bella said, according to Caters.

‘My children love me the way I am’

“Someone said to me that they’d rather spend their money on their children, but just assuming I don’t spend my money on my kids is ridiculous.

“My children love me the way I am, if I was to change my appearance then I wouldn’t be their mom – I wouldn’t be me. My kids think that I am the best person on the planet, they look at all the other moms and they wonder why they’re not like me.”

The mother’s response was widely shared on social media, and many vocalized their support for the glamorous mom.

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