Mom dies of COVID-19 after nursing her family – her son is now fighting for his life

A family has been torn apart by this horrific virus which has left two brothers without their mother and one now fighting for his life.

Linda Tuppen, from Bolton, England, had been caring for 28-year-old son Rob who contracted coronavirus after returning from a trip to Poland.

The 66-year-old then started to develop symptoms and took to her bed refusing to call her doctor, a few days later Linda was found dead by her son Rob.

Now her youngest son James, 23, is fighting for his life in hospital after testing positive for COVID-19, The Sun newspaper reports.

Rob says while he was waiting for an ambulance, he was doing chest compressions on his mom, who suffered with asthma.

“I was in a panic, she was just lay there, and I shouted ‘mum, mum,’ but she didn’t answer,” Rob told the Manchester Evening News.

“It’s devastating, we lost our father in 2008, so we’re pretty much on our own now.

“She was a kind, loving lady who adored me and James and would have done anything for us.

“She always used to say that we were her lives. She would do anything for anyone.”

Rob says he felt like he was going to black out while suffering with coronavirus and warns people to take this horrific virus seriously and follow government guidelines.

We hope James recovers from this awful virus. Sending support and strength to Rob at this very difficult time.

We can all help by staying inside and limiting the spread. We will get through this. Please share.