Mom gets called out by makeup artist after child causes $1,300 in damage at Sephora

Makeup artist Brittney Nelson is no stranger to Sephora, having spent many years there stocking up on professional supplies.

However, when the Augusta, Georgia mom recently visited the beauty store with a friend, she noticed something so shocking she nearly fainted.


An eye shadow and blush palette containing more than 50 products had been completely destroyed!

Brittney remembered seeing a mother and child leaving the store very quickly as she walked in with her friend. The mother must have gotten distracted and left the child unattended, allowing the youngster to ruin $1,300 worth of makeup in just a few minutes.

Brittney couldn’t believe the mess and immediately posted pictures of the scene with a message to moms who bring their kids to Sephora.


Brittney said in her post that the child, who was clearly left to explore the store alone, must have been attracted to the bright colors of the eye shadows testers and probably thought they were finger paints.

The child destroyed dozens of Make Up For Ever eye shadows, which cost about $21 each at Sephora.

“It looked 100X worse in real life and I don’t work for Sephora,” Brittney wrote on Facebook.

As a mom and a makeup artist, Brittney is all too familiar with taking her daughter with her while she shops for new cosmetics.

Brittney helps prevent a similar situation from happening by enforcing a strict “hands in pocket” rule for her daughter, and she tries to keep her shopping time to 10 minutes maximum.

“It was very helpful, so if you must take your kiddos makeup shopping, I suggest trying it,” she added.


What do you think about the mom whose child was left to do so much damage in a store? Post your comments below. And don’t forget to share this story as a warning to other moms who shop with small children.

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