Mom gives birth, but the stunned look on dad’s face has her screaming “What’s wrong?”

When Danielle Williams of Michigan got pregnant for the second time, she and her husband, Kyle, were overjoyed. The couple and their daughter, Peyton, counted down the months until their family would expand by one.

Fortunately, the pregnancy proceeded without a hitch. At five months, Danielle went in for an ultrasound and found out the family was going to have a second daughter. Peyton was excited to have a little sister, and the pink clothes, toys and accessories started to roll in. The family stocked up on supplies, redecorated their nursery and decided on the name Charlee for their little girl.

But when the big day finally arrived, the Williams family got the shock of their lives.

When it was time for Danielle Williams to give birth, things didn’t go exactly as planned. After going into labor, the mom-to-be struggled for more than 20 hours. Finally, her doctors ordered a cesarean section.

Danielle’s husband, Kyle, who was also sleep deprived and exhausted by that point, suited up in the required medical garb and went with Danielle into the operating room.

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The expectant father stood by as the doctors worked to deliver the couple’s daughter. But when he finally caught a glimpse of his new baby, Kyle immediately realized something wasn’t right. The couple’s long expected baby girl Charlee was actually adorable baby boy Bentley!

Yes, it turns out the technician had interpreted the baby’s sex wrong from the ultrasound — something that happens more often than you’d think, especially when the image on the ultrasound isn’t clear.

Image Source: YouTube

Danielle and Kyle were thrilled with their new baby and decided to prank their friends and relatives and give them the same shock that they had when they realized that their little girl was actually a little boy.

Check out this video to see the amazing reactions of both of Bentley’s grandmas, as well as the other unforgettable responses when Danielle and Kyle introduce their little boy to stunned friends and family:

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