Mom hears doctors shouting while carrying out C-section: shocked when she sees the size of her baby

All parents think their children are the most beautiful and of course the most special and that’s how it should be but for mom-of-three Chrissy Corbitt her fourth child really was rather special.

The 29-year-old Florida woman is now a mom of five after giving birth to beautiful girl Carleigh. Chrissy suspected that her fifth child might be on the big side as her previous children had been 9 and 10 lbs when they were born but she wasn’t expecting her to be this big!.


During her fifth pregnancy her husband Larry said her body remained the same for about a month but her belly kept getting bigger.

“The belly was getting bigger and bigger. It was like she had a huge beach ball and it was getting more and more inflated.” Larry told Inside Edition.

Big stomach
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Chrissy had a C-section and while her baby was being delivered her husband Larry recalls the doctor saying: “‘I don’t think this baby is going to end. Are there two of them?’” adding after that it was the biggest baby he’d ever delivered.

Chrissy couldn’t believe it when she was handed her baby girl.

“I felt like I’d given birth to a toddler, I thought she was going to stand up and walk to the nursery,” Chrissy joked.

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Her daughter Carleigh Brooke Corbitt weighed a whopping 13lbs and 5oz at birth. She was almost twice as big as a typical baby. Chrissy could barely believe her eyes.

Larry instantly fell in love with his beautiful big baby girl. “Her cheeks were so chunky and she was just so fat. She was so gorgeous, of course,” he added.

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Cheers in the operating room

Medical staff were so elated by Carleigh’s size, Crissy gave birth to a lot of excited noises.”I heard everybody cheering in the operating room. I’ve never had that happen before.” she added.

Baby Carleigh was so big she couldn’t fit into the clothes and diapers her parents had ready for her.

“All the stuff we bought leading up to her being born, we just donated to a local church,” Larry joked.

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When Carleigh grew, she was much bigger than most babies her age and at 3 months old she was wearing clothes for a 9-month old.

She will definitely be a tall girl! Carleigh, however, is not the heaviest baby ever. According to Guinness World Records, a baby boy weighing 22lbs was born in 1879.

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Apart from her special birth weight, Carleigh was born a healthy baby and is giving so much joy to her parents and siblings.

“She’s just a happy baby, she smiles all the time,” Chrissy said. “I can’t get enough of her.”

Of course, Chrissy and Larry love all of their children equally, but Carleigh will always have a special place in their hearts – she is the youngest and the biggest!

And as for having any more babies: “That’s enough for me,” said Chrissy. “We’re going out with a bang.”

All kids are unique, but there is certainly something extra special about Carleigh. Share this article with your friends on Facebook so that more people see this beautiful big baby!