Mom is devastated after 4 miscarriages, then the nurse shows her what’s on the ultrasound

To bring a new baby into the world is one of the most incredible and miraculous experiences.

Everything starts as a small seed inside the mother’s uterus and then grows for nine months until it’s time to see the light of the day.

A child’s birth is truly one of the most uplifting and amazing things a person can ever experience.

But for some women, just thought of children is something that breaks their hearts. People rarely talk about it, but many women and families are fighting infertility. You probably even know someone who has had a miscarriage.

There is nothing more devastating than being hopeful and happy about a new baby, then forced to accept that the child died before they ever had a chance to take their first breath.

Perhaps you have set up a nursery, bought a stroller, and prepared everything? Everyone knows that you’ll be waiting for a baby at any time — but in the next second, you’ll have to explain why you are coming home empty-handed.

Allyson Ponto, and her husband, Tony, had been suffering for more than a decade. Four times, Allyson discovered that she was pregnant and four times she was completely crushed when she realized that she had suffered a miscarriage.

But Allyson decided not to give up on her dream of having a family. She went through five rounds of assisted fertilization — but it failed every time.

They finally turned to test tube fertilization, but they were careful with their hopes.

Even when Allyson took a pregnancy test and it was positive, she hesitated. She refused to be happy, afraid that her heart would be broken again.

Allyson went to an ultrasound appointment with Tony, but their hopes were low. Both were completely unprepared for what the doctors were about to show them.

But soon, she got the very biggest shock of her life …


As the nurse began to move his ultrasound over Allyson’s stomach, he found a heartbeat … and then another one … and one after another … and then another heartbeat!

39-year-old Allyson was pregnant with four babies!

“When I saw these four heartbeats, I started crying. All I ever wanted was the chance to be a parent,” said Allyson to US Magazine.


After four heartbreaking miscarriages, Allyson and Tony had been blessed with four precious new lives.

The children were growing and Allyson’s stomach became bigger.

“The best way I can describe being pregnant with four children… It was like a tumble dryer with four tennis shoes in it,” explains Allyson.

“It was a constant movement. And I loved the feeling.”


Allyson’s pregnancy went well and on July 4, 2017, four adorable little girls were born via Caesarean section.

Olivia Susan, Anna Louise, Morgan Price, and Carolyn Grace all weighed between 1130-1500 grams.

Look at the little sweethearts!


The doctors had to monitor them as they continued to grow, but soon, all the little girls were ready to come home.

The family had many friends who were incredibly happy for Allyson and Tony. They now have an army of helpers who are happy to assist with the new babies.


Today, the girls continue to grow and the couple is delighted with their big family.

Allyson started a Facebook page, Four Peas in a Ponto, where she documents her pregnancy and continues to post updates on the babies.


Allyson will never forget her four unborn children — the babies she was never able to meet.

But miracles tend to happen to those who believe in them and Allyson finally got a chance to build the family she had always dreamed of.

Even though she could never have predicted she would have quadruplets.

Allyson definitely struggled on her journey to become a mother.

Although the road sometimes feels hard and unfair, there is happiness around the corner — just dare to believe and fight for it.

We wish this sweet family all the best in the future, and I’m sincerely happy that these adorable babies continue growing and enjoying themselves!

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