Mom is tired of her rock n roll hair, look at her amazing transformation that takes 20 years off

I think we all need a change in our lives to wake us up and give us new energy. For some people this can mean travel, for others it can mean a new hobby. But, for Meredith she wanted to change her hair.

The 56-year-old, whose son has just moved out, decided to visit “The Makeover Guy” – Christopher Hopkins at his lounge in Minneapolis.

Meredith, from Chicago, tells Christopher that her son has moved out to go to college and she wants to embrace the change by starting with herself.

She explains that she wants something done with her curls; but is of course happy for Christopher to take the lead. Her absolute joy after he’s worked his magic is infectious. See for yourself in the video below.

makeover merideth youtube makeoverguy
Photo: Makeoverguy/Youtube

People write in the comments that she looks 20 years younger with her new “movie star style” and I can only agree!

The happiness on this woman’s face is a testament to us all that we should embrace change. Please share this story if you also think this is an amazing transformation!?