Mom says goodbye to triplets during hurricane but her friend’s brave actions change everything

It was supposed to be the most joyous time of her life. New mom Kate Jackson and her husband were vacationing in her mom’s home on the British Virgin Islands. They were spending quality time with their triplets, who were only five months old.

Then Hurricane Irma hit the island, causing widespread devastation. At least 134 people have died. Kate believed that she would be among the casualties as she huddled with her children in a shower.

Luckily, the brave actions of a family friend ensured that the group made it out alive, making the triplets the youngest survivors of the hurricane.

Kate Jackson
Facebook/Kate Jackson

Kate, her fiance Alex Ashman and their triplets were staying on the Island of Tortola when hurricane Irma hit. During the storm, they were trapped, along with Kates sister Christine and friends Nick and Jane.

“Nothing could really prepare us when we went into the storm,” Nicks says in an interview with CTV News. “What we ended up enduring was life changing.”

Last Resort

The group sought cover in the living room and bedroom at first, but had to move as they watched the windows buckling and heard the floor above them torn away from the house. They then spent around an hour huddled in a shower. The bathroom they were in was the only part of the house left standing.

“We were in the shower holding wood over our heads. We were trapped.”

Nick and Alex kicked open a window that led to a nearby generator room so that the group could escape. After the eye of the storm had hit, they were offered shelter by a neighbour.

Mail Online

Thankfully the triplets and their family are now safe. With the help of friends, family and well wishers, they are trying to rebuild everything they lost to the hurricane.

Watch the newsclip below to hear Nick describe the ordeal and how the group made it out of the storm:

I am so glad to hear that the family made it out of the storm safely. My prayers go out to them and the rest of the victims of this terrible tragedy.

Share this story with your friends to help keep the victims of hurricane Irma in our thoughts. They still need all our help and well wishes.

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