Mom sees red mark on daughter’s face

It’s the choice that every parent has to make at some point or other: trying to choose the best possible childcare for their little one.

Even if you stay at home while the children are small, you can’t be around every second of the day and the chances are you will need to leave them with someone trustworthy. If you’re not lucky enough to have family or close friends nearby, then you, like many other parents, put your trust in a trained professional.

When you do that, you trust that your chosen childcare provider will take care of your little one just as they’d take care of their own child.


A family in Vietnam hired a nanny to help with their newborn daughter when they had to go back to work. But when they discovered that their daughter often had red marks in her face and sobbed in her sleep, they began to suspect something was not right.

Their 51 year old housekeeper and nanny Nguyen Thi Han had been working for the family for 2 months.

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Flickr (The baby in the picture has no connection to the story)

The family installed a hidden camera in their home and were completely horrified when they saw what the camera captured.

In the video, the nanny was seen repeatedly hitting the newborn girl on her face and body. She then throws the terrified little girl in the air several times.

As soon as the girl’s mom, Ngoc Phuong, saw the tape, she contacted the police and the nanny was arrested. She also shared the video on social media, reports international newspaper The Epoch Times.


Le Duc Tung, chief of police in Phu Ly in northern Vietnam later confirmed that Nguyen Thi Han was being held.

According to World Vision Vietman, around 4000 cases of child abuse are reported every year in Vietnam.

You can see the clip Ngoc Phuong shared on social media below. Warning: Graphic images!

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