Mom simply said ”Go to bed” – but twins’ hilarious comeback caught her off guard

Twins are amazing. They often have such a strong bond that they can communicate without saying anything. And when they do speak, they also sometimes have their own secret language.

As parents, having twins means you get double of everything! Double the fun adventures, double the mess and double the frustrating moments….

And one of the most frustrating moments when you have little children is bedtime.

So when this mom asked her twin boys to get ready for bedtime, she wasn’t expecting it to be a simple procedure.

What they did in response, however, absolutely shattered her expectations…



Instead of squirming at the word “bedtime,” her twin boys handle it like a pro and run into their bedrooms.

Now their hilarious routine is fascinating parents around the world!

“I took this video for my family who lives far away, so they could see how the kids were growing and becoming pretty athletic at a young age,” their mother explains in a YouTube video captions. “We never taught them to do this. One day I told the Zac and Chris, identical twin brothers, to go to bed and they did it! They just ran to bed and hopped in!”

All she did was speak the magic words asking them to get in bed and they did… imagine that! And this wasn’t just a one-time freak thing.

“I was shocked, and now they do it on a regular basis.

This is their favorite part of the day, when they get to parkour themselves into their beds together and see who makes it in first,” she explains.

Don’t know what you did to deserve “two” babies that are this easy to put to bed, but you did something right!! Lol!! This video is adorable!! ?

Can she come over and teach my kids how to do this witchcraft?

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