Mom-to-be diagnosed with COVID-19 gives birth to twin girls while in a coma

The remarkable stories of people surviving this horrific virus fill us all with hope and helps lift our spirits but when it affects a pregnant woman, we’re not just rooting for the mother to pull through.

When Monique Cook was diagnosed with coronavirus she was 8 months pregnant. The Atlanta mom of two had experienced shortness of breath.

But when her contractions started to come she knew something was wrong and was taken to her local hospital.

When she tested positive for COVID-19 she was told my doctors that she’d have to give birth via Cesarean section, she was taken into intensive care and put into a coma while a C-section was carried out.

She woke up five days later to find she’d had her twin girls August Sky and Angel Renee but couldn’t see or hold them as she had to recover.

“The worst part of that waking up, I look down and I have no big stomach. No babies,” she told the Today with Hoda and Jenna show.

Husband sent his wife a picture of her babies

“I remember asking like, ‘Where are my babies?’ That’s when the young nurse said, ‘Oh, your babies, they’re fine.’”

All she remembers is being asked to count down from 10 and everything went black.

“My husband sent one of the nurses a picture of the twins since I hadn’t seen them. It was nine days,” Monique said.

Double delivery for Mother's Day! 🐣🐣Monique Cook was pregnant and sick with COVID-19. When she woke up at a hospital,…

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When she was finally allowed to see her baby girls it was an emotional moment and the recovering mom cried. Now she’s home with her girls and is able to care for them.

“It has just been awesome ever since,” she added.

‘Thank you from the bottom of my heart’

“Family is complete; everybody’s home,” she said. “… Once they got home, it was like we were starting over. Forget the past month — now it’s like our new start.”

The mom of four says she’s eternally grateful to the health workers for saving her life.

“For somebody to fight for me that hard? It’s meant for me to be here,” she said. “I just want to tell them thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much, because they were my family that whole 11 days. … Without them, I wouldn’t be here.”

Atlanta mother diagnosed with coronavirus at 8 months pregnant ...

We’re so happy that Monique is home with her family. I can’t imagine waking up and not knowing where my babies are.

The medical staff safely delivering the babies of women who are suffering from this virus deserve medals, they are performing miracles.

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