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Desperate mom urging parents everywhere to check their baby’s toes after making startling find

A parent’s strongest instinct is to keep their children safe; it dominates every daily activity and is a primal urge none of us can ever ignore.

But there are potential dangers out there that some of us didn’t even know existed.

One mom had a terrifying experience with her baby; something so unusual that she felt the urge to warn other parents on Facebook.

Heather Fricke/Facebook

When Heather’s son, Jacob, was 10 weeks old she was holding him after he’d had a nap and checking his diaper.

It was then that she noticed his toes and couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

‘His two toes were blue and tied together’

Now Heather has sent out a warning to all other parents after what her son went through.

“I handed him to his dad Tommy to put socks on him when Tommy realized his two toes were blue and tied together with a strand of hair!!!” writes Heather on Facebook

“I immediately took off what I could and had to take him to the ER where we spent an hour and a team of 5 doctors trying to get the rest of MY HAIR off his two toes…”

Coud have been amputated

Heather and her husband Tommy were told by doctors that if she had not taken off the hair when she saw it, her son’s two toes could have been amputated, writes Global News.

These injuries are called hair tourniquet or tourniquet syndrome and this is when anything, including hair, wraps around an appendage and leads to the constriction of blood flow, says Dr. Sean M. Fox, an associate professor at Carolinas Medical Center in North Carolina.

Now Heather has a warning to all parents of young children: “CHECK YOUR BABY’S TOES AS OFTEN AS YOU CAN!!!”

Gepostet von Heather Fricke am Montag, 25. Dezember 2017


The picture above is taken about 12 hours after the doctors removed all the hair and as you can see the toes are still very swollen.

Fortunately, this sweet baby boy made a full recovery, but not before he terrified his parents who had no idea this was possible.

Doctors also warned hair can get caught around a baby’s genital area so be vigilant and on the lookout for stray hairs!

Please share so more parents know about this. I’ve never heard of this happening before and I know I’m not the only one.