Mom wakes up to son screaming: Sees what’s on his face and immediately calls 911

Seeing one’s child when they’re feeling bad or injured is one of the worst things to experience. All you want to do is take away the pain and make everything good again, but sometimes it can be a long time before they’re well.

Six-year-old Tyler lay asleep in his bunk home at Macksville, Australia, when his mom, Tammy, suddenly woke up to find a large python on top of him, according to Australia’s Daily Telegraph.

After hearing her son’s screams, Tammy immediately rushed in to see what was wrong.

It wasn’t long before she realized there was a substantial threat to his life.

Clamped around her bloody son was a python almost three meters long, and Tyler had already been bitten in several places, according to British paper the Independent.

Even though Tyler was sleeping in an elevated bunk, the snake had somehow managed to get up and into his bed sheets.

Facebook/Moving Train

Extreme danger

Tammy managed to save her son by pulling the python off of his head. His face was covered in blood and he had been bitten several times.

Tyler was first taken to Macksville District Hospital before being moved to Coffs Harbor Hospital where he could stay overnight, say the Daily Telegraph.

Veterinarian Narre Warren told Daily Mail Australia the snakes are more active when the weather is warmer. Frighteningly, Tyler is not a rare case when it comes to being bitten in his own home. Throughout Australia, people are routinely bitten when snakes make their way into houses and apartments.

A friend of the family, Craig Baker, later killed the snake that attacked Tyler, posting the images to Facebook afterward.

Facebook/Craig Baker

Luckily, all ended well and Tammy won’t be too scarred by the event. I can’t imagine how afraid I would be if I found a three meter long snake in my home.

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