Mom’s warning over kissing newborn babies after her daughter dies at 14 days old

August 13 will be a date forever etched in the hearts of Kelly Ineson and Thomas Cummins as it was the day they had to say goodbye to their 14-day-old daughter Kiara.

A huge void was left in their lives when their daughter died from a virus thought to be contracted from a kiss.

Now the brave mom from the U.K. is warning others not to kiss newborn babies.

Kelly and Thomas were excited to welcome a baby girl into the world.

Two-second glance

Kelly who has three children by a previous relationship said her fiancé Thomas “literally leaped with joy” at the happy news.

But her labor was fraught with issues as Kelly had to be rushed to hospital for an emergency C-section.

When baby Kiara was born in July 2018 she initially struggled to breathe

“I just lay there feeling helpless, as doctors rushed around. I got a two second glance as they whisked her out, then couldn’t see her again for hours,” Kelly told the Mirror newspaper.

Gepostet von Kelly Ineson am Mittwoch, 15. August 2018

A few days later Kelly and Thomas were allowed to take their precious baby home.

But ten days later a routine check showed Kiara’s birthweight had dropped drastically and she was rushed back into hospital.

Doctors discovered that Kiara had an infection and she was transferred to a specialist hospital so they could run more tests.

‘The worst moment of my life’

Kiara’s little body struggled to function as the infection started to shut down her organs.

Medics discovered that Kiara had a strain of the herpes simplex virus which causes sores around the mouths and lips of adults. Most people are unaware they even carry the virus.

Doctors believe Kiara contracted the virus through a kiss.

“She passed away at 6:32 p.m. on August 13 – the worst moment of my life,” Kelly told the Mirror.

Since the tragic day of her daughter passing Kelly has done all she can to raise awareness of the virus and warns others not to kiss newborn babies.

Gepostet von Thomas Cummins am Samstag, 7. April 2018

But amazingly, something of a miracle happened to this grieving family.

Exactly one year after Kiara’s death, the couple welcomed their baby boy Theo.

“August 13 will always be a poignant date for us now, but to us, Theo is the light at the end of the tunnel.  Kiara will never be replaced or forgotten,” Kelly told  The Sun.

Miracles can really happen. We wish this sweet family all the happiness with their new bundle of joy.

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