Monster punches girlfriend and pulls her by her hair: Seconds later, karma hits back with full force

Violence is awful in any situation. And violence against women is just the worst. It’s unthinkable.

You might find it difficult to understand why a woman who is repeatedly beaten by her partner would choose to stay.

But it’s not always that easy to get away, and you probably wouldn’t fully understand it unless you’ve been in the same situation yourself.

If you’ve been emotionally and physically abused for a long time and you’ve been beaten into submission, you might not even have the energy to try and get away. Even if you know in your heart that it’s the right thing to do.


The man in the video below must have a screw loose. He and a woman are seen walking down the street when the man grabs the woman hard by the arm. Then he hits her in the face so hard she falls to the ground, reports Spanish newspaper Porque No Seme Ocurrio.

Seconds later, a group of men comes rushing down to the street.


They surround the guy and start punching him and teaching him a lesson that he’ll hopefully never forget.

The video has been circulating online recently and has been seen around the world. Many people think the man got what he deserved.


I think that in general you should never use violence against another person, but once in a while, it might actually be the appropriate reaction.

Take a look at the video below to see what happened. Warning for graphic images!

I’m so glad the men walking down the street that night didn’t hesitate to defend the woman.

Even though violence isn’t the best way to deal with violence, I’m thankful that these men defended her.

What do you think? And how would you react in a similar situation?

Hopefully, the man learned his lesson and will never harm another woman again. I hope the woman left him, gets the help she needs to recover from this relationship, and finds a worthy partner in the future. Share if you won’t allow women to be beaten or abused!