Mother and daughter take on weight loss challenge – 100 days later they are unrecognizable

Losing weight is not easy. You can start with all good intentions but then realize that some eating habits are hard to break.

I’ve always admired those who succeed and stick to their healhty eating habits, even after they’ve reached their weight goal.

One such lady was busy single mom Sheryl Shaw who worked long shifts in ER.

She wanted to set a good example for her daughter so together they took on a 100-day weight loss challenge. Their journey together doing this has attracted so much attention online, it’s truly inspirational.

But their results are even better! After just 100 days their transformation is incredible.

Sheryl, from Mahwah, New Jersey, said her kids were worried about her excessive weight gain. She also noticed that her 17-year-old daughter was, like her, an emotional eater.

Desperate to change her situation she persuaded her daughter to join her in a 100-day weight loss challenge. Every day they posted a 10-second video online and followed a healthy eating and exercise program.

But little did they know that their videos would blow up online as they became a true inspiration for so many others.

According to ABC News  “Star Trek” actor George Takei posted a video of them on Facebook, which attracted 37 million views.

Exercised after long shift

The clip below shows the struggles they went through to reach their incredible weight loss results. The cheat day that turned into two and the work outs after Sheryl had worked a 12 hour shift in ER.

They show the reality of how hard it is, but how worth the struggle is in the end. They have become such an inspiration to others.

The final results are amazing with the pair losing a combined 74 lbs in 100 days.

They both look incredible and according to ABC News their journey didn’t stop there. They both continued their healthy eating path beyond 100 days.

‘I’ve got to love myself’

Daughter Tessa had some sound advice for those wanting to lose weight.

“Just get out there,” said Tessa. “Don’t get nervous when you go into the gym. I know that was my biggest setback. I used to walk into the gym and I’d get so nervous because people would look at you and you get self-conscious.

“I just did it, I did my own thing and I didn’t worry about anybody else. I said, ‘This is for me and I’ve got to love myself.’”

Watch their incredible journey in the video below.

Incredible results! These two are such an inspiration. Don’t forget to share their hard work and help motivate others.